About us

It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.
~Steve Jobs

Our Mission & Vision

We want to get you your dream job and build a successful career. Being responsible for hundreds of hires in the past, we have built a profound expertise in the retail industry which includes premium, bridge to luxury, couture and super luxury. We understand the daily struggle to hire top talent , thus our aim became to facilitate the yet-so-inefficient recruiting process: A process which is key to a company’s success! We put a lot of brainpower, time and effort to ensure the right match because it’s our endeavor to match the right talent with the right client.
Our Values

Ashit Suri


Ashit Suri, the Founder of AR Placements was born in the valleys of Himachal and raised in South Mumbai. Being a finance enthusiast and an investor, he has a sharp mind for the market trends and updates. He carries great skills of finding the right candidate for his clients and counsel them on various aspects of the job. He respects both his clients and candidates when it comes to understanding the job role and salary negotiation. Perfection in what he does to suit both sides of the story has always been one of his key skills.
“It’s exciting in any business to have something to celebrate, but it’s even greater to enjoy it with your significant other,”
– Ashit Suri

Romal Suri


The co-founder of AR Placements and lovely wife of Ashit Suri, Romal hails from a defence background. She carries rich retail experience and has an eye for detail and an understanding for the luxury market. It was her interest, understanding and passion towards luxury that made her get into the business of recruitment for Retail companies in India. In an ongoing event of progression, Romal is determined to provide her clients with the finest talents in the industry and help job seekers get the best jobs as per their skills.

“We realised early on ,our skill sets and strengths complement each other. While we are very different personalities , it allows us the autonomy to excel in our individual areas of expertise and then come together, working as a team.”
– Romal Suri

Muffin Suri

Chief Petting Officer

Muffin Suri, our Chief Petting Officer. A cute face, a small wiggling tail, and paws to shake hands with. An integral part of the organization has never missed a day of work.

“Hello everyone, I am Muffin Suri. A handsome Pug by birth and a Chief Petting Officer by profession.”

– Muffin Suri

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